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The BIG Buttery

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A chocolate dough, mixed with Nutter Butter cookies, peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips and Butterfinger chunks, KRAMMED with a butterscotch buttercream, topped with edible peanut butter Kookie dough, drizzled chocolate and peanut butter pretzel OMGS. This baby is just under a pound! 

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Orders take approx 2-5 days to bake fresh and ship out. Please keep that in mind when placing an order.

Choose appropriate shipping times according to how fresh you want your product. For local pick-up, you MUST SCHEDULE and HAVE CONFIRMATION of a pick-up time through the pick up confirmation email. We will only hold your order for a maximum of 4 days. 

For Kookies containing dairy, please choose an appropriate shipping time to prevent spoiling. Kookies containing dairy, such as cheesecake, will last a maximum of 3 days past baking. We always suggest choosing 2-day shipping or less and refrigerating immediately upon arrival. 

Our Guarantee

We use high quality chocolate without any "red flags" in every single scoop to make sure that we're a solid 10/10. Decorated perfectly messy just for your enjoyment because a hot mess is more fun!

  • Are you an athlete?

    We wanted to give athletes something to remember us by. Saving up for a cheat day? Don't waste any of those hard earned calories on anything but Krammed. Thats why we created our product in the first place!

  • Quality?

    Oh, here she comes. Watch out boy you'll chew us up. Don't worry, our product descriptions are 100% accurate. We're still working on our song lyrics though.

  • Gossip?

    Want to be the center of attention? The talk of the town if you will. Bring your A-game to the next event with our unique stuffed cookies. Everyone will want you after that.

Product FAQ

We Won't Ghost You

Communication Is Key

Shoot us an email at if there are any issues with your order Total honesty when it means a future together.

Cookies Are Our Love Language

Full transparency. Quality time together with our cookies is a must. Our cookies last up to a maximum of 10 days and then after that they must be kept in the freezer. *Cookies containing dairy must be stored in the fridge immediately upon arrival*

Lets Take Things Slow

All great things take time. Am I right? Once your order is placed, we need approximately 2-4 days to prep your order and bake it fresh.