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WORLD’s largest, dirtiest, sexiest, insanely stuffed cookies that are hand crafted and baked fresh to order.

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Hi! My name is Elysa and I'm the proud owner of Krammed Kookies! I'm a full-time Dental Hygienist and part-time Baker. I always say "I save smiles by day and make cookies by night". Back in 2019 I had been doing dental for 6 years and was looking for a creative outlet in my free time.  I was travelling a ton and was a huge foodie at the time and always felt like I could offer the world a better dessert than what was out there and that's when Krammed Kookies came along. I started up an Instagram and just like that, I received 100 orders within the first month. A lof of ups and downs and trial and error, my Kookies started becoming bigger and better with every batch. I was huge on quality because I didn't want people wasting their calories on below average desserts. My mission was to create the BEST cookies that are worth every single bite. Krammed Kookies is a whole different level of cookie with a brand new cookie experience like you've never had before. I am very happy to say that I've created something new and exciting with this company and I can't wait to share it with the rest of the world. 

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How to get cookies?

We ship Canada wide and have local pick up and local devliery options here in Edmonton, Alberta

How long does it take to receive an order?

For local orders it takes 2-4 days to bake your order fresh, and for shipping it takes approximately 3-5 business days in transit to receive your order.

How much does cookies cost?

Each price is based on one cookie. They range from $6-$15 each depending on the ingredients and how large the cookie is.

Where is pick up?

We are located at 3812 Chrustawka Place SW in Edmonton, Alberta. Once your order is complete you will receive a confirmation email for pick up. Make sure to check your junk folder regulary ;)

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping ranges based on the weight of your order and the distance. Once you go to the checkout page it will give you the exact cost of how much shipping charges will be.

Do you offer refunds for delayed shipments?

No. We do not offer any type of refund for shipping issues. Once we drop off the order at the post office the rest is out of our control and any damage or delays can be taken up with the respected shipping company,

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